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Tested Matrix

If you plan to buy TV based on this info it's better to ask us on forum or IRC as LG makes much confusion with model naming in different countries.
Support for 2011 SmartTV models was planned to be released soon but there are more security checks at CFE2 bootloader that prevent from running custom firmware after flashing. Do not buy these models yet if you want to run custom firmware on them.
WARNING! Everything here applies ONLY to European LG TV models (unless otherwise is stated explicitly)!

Custom firmwares Table of Compatibility for LG TVs
Platform Model Latest firmware Telnet NFS SAMBA UPNP WebUI Custom firmware Notes
Saturn 4

Year 2009 monitor TV: M1962D, M2062D, M2262D, M2362D, M2363D,M2762D, M2394D, M2794D, M2794DP, M197WDP, M227WDP, M237WDP


USB player activation via IR or serial. Divx SD only and no MKV support. Not all USB drives are compatible with TV.
Year 2009 LCD TV: 19LS4D*, 22LS4D*, 32LG20**, 37LG20**, 42LG20**,19LG30**, 22LG30**, 26LG30**, 32LG30**, 37LG30**, 42LG30**, 32LG50**, 37LG50**, 42LG50**, 47LG50**, 52LG50**
32LG60**, 37LG60**, 42LG60**, 47LG60**, 42LG61**
32LG70**, 37LG70**, 42LG70**, 47LG70**, 52LG70**

Year 2009 PDP (plasma) TV:

42PG10**, 50PG10**


42PG20**, 50PG20**, 42PG30**, 50PG30**, 60PG30**
50PG40**, 32PG60**, 42PG60**, 50PG60**, 50PG70**, 60PG70**
42PQ10**, 50PQ10**, 42PQ11**, 50PQ11**
42PQ20**, 50PQ20**, 42PQ30**, 50PQ30**, 42PQ60**, 50PQ60**, 50PS20**, 50PS30**, 60PS40**, 50PS60**
Year 2010 PDP (plasma) TV:

42PJ2**R, 50PJ2**R, 42PJ3**R, 50PJ3**R,
42PJ5**R, 42PJ6**R, 50PJ6**R, 50PK2**R


US/Asia LCD TV: LD3**, LD4**, LH20R

US/Asia PDP (plasma) TV: PK/PJ2**, PK/PJ3**, PK/PJ5**
Saturn 6

Year 2009 PDP (plasma) TV:

50PS65**, 50PS70**, 60PS70**, 50PS80**, 60PS80**, 42PQ35**, 50PQ35**, 42PQ65**

Year 2009 LCD TV:

19LG31**, 22LG31**, 26LG31** 32LG33**, 37LG33**, 42LG33** 

Additional patches
Year 2010 PDP (plasma) TV:
42PJ2**, 50PJ2**, 42PJ3**, 50PJ3** 42PJ5**, 50PJ5** 42PJ6**, 50PJ6** 50PK2**, 60PK2** 50PK3** 50PK5**, 60PK5** 50PK7** Models with the letter N at the end of the model marking are supported too. For example 60PK550N

Year 2009 LCD TV:

32LF11** 32LF25**, 37LF25**, 42LF25** 32LF51**, 42LF51**, 47LF51** 32LG21**, 37LG21**, 42LG21** 32LG22**, 37LG22**, 42LG22** 19LH20**, 22LH20**, 26LH20**, 32LH20**, 37LH20**, 42LH20** 32LH3***, 37LH3***, 42LH3***, 47LH3*** 32LH40**, 37LH40**, 42LH40**, 47LH40** 42LH45**, 47LH45** 32LH49**, 37LH49**, 42LH49**, 47LH49** 32LH50**, 37LH50**, 42LH50**, 47LH50**, 55LH50** 32LH70**, 37LH70**, 42LH70**, 47LH70** 19LU40**, 22LU40** 19LU50**, 22LU50**, 26LU50**

Year 2009 LED TV:

42LH90**, 47LH90**, 32SL8***, 37SL8***, 42SL8***, 47SL8***, 55SL8**, 42SL9***, 47SL9*** 

Year 2010 LCD TV:19LD32*, 22LD32*, 26LD32*, 32LD32* 


Year 2010 3D TV: 47LD9*** 3.00, 3.68  3.70.03

Year 2010 OLED TV: 15EL9***


Saturn 7

26LD32**, 32LD32** (except LD320) 26LD33**, 32LD33**19LD34**, 22LD34**, 26LD34**, 32LD34**19LD35**, 22LD35**, 26LD35**, 32LD35**32LD4***, 37LD4***, 42LD4***, 47LD4***32LD5***, 42LD5***, 46LD5***, 52LD5*** , 60LD5***22LK33**, 26LK33**, 32LK33**32LK43**, 37LK43**, 42LK43**32LK45**, 37LK45**, 42LK45**32LK53**, 42LK53**, 47LK53**32LK55**, 42LK55**42LK95**, 47LK95**19LV23**, 22LV23**19LV25**, 22LV25**, 26LV25**, 32LV25**32LV34**, 42LV34**32LV35**, 37LV35**, 40LV35**, 42LV35**, 47LV35**32LV45**, 37LV45**, 42LV45**, 47LV45**22LV55**, 26LV55**32LW45**, 42LW45**, 47LW45**, 55LW45**42LW54**, 47LW54**
LED TV: 1932LE3***, 2232LE3***, 2632LE3***, 32LE3*** 32LE4***, 37LE4***, 42LE4***22LE5***, 26LE5***

Additional patches
Year 2011 PDP (plasma) TV:
42PT25**, 50PT25** 42PT350*, 50PT350, *42PT351*, 50PT351*, 42PT352*, 50PT352*, 42PT353*, 50PT353*, 42PT45**, 50PT45**, 50PV25**, 60PV25**, 50PV35**, 42PW45**, 50PW45**, 50PZ25**, 60PZ25**, 50PZ55**, 60PZ55**




Year 2012 2D/3D LCD/LED/Plasma TV:

lower LS/LM/LT series (list to be updated)

(to be updated)
might be supported by LGMOD_S7 in future

LM1 platform is simmilar to Saturn 7, but TVs don't have RS232 port and they usually have RJ45 Ethernet port.

Broadcom BCM3549/BCM3556

(worldwide, excluding Japan)

Year 2010 LCD 2D TV:
LD480, LD490, LD560, LD650/LD650N, LD651/LD651N, LD660, LD680, LD681, LD690, LD691, LD750/LD750N, LD751/LD751N, LD752, LD760, LD780, LD781, LD790, LD791, LD840/LD840N, LD850, LD860, LD880, LD890, LD960, LD980, LD990
(North American models include: LD550 and LD950, not EU)

firmware version differs between models and countries

North American and Korean 2010 BCM models use BCM3549 platform, while rest of the world use BCM3556, both are supported by OpenLGTV BCM

Characteristic for Broadcom platform models is builtin RJ45 Ethernet socket and availability of NetCast services.

Year 2010 LED 2D TV:

LE4900, LE4910, LE5500/LE550N (excluding 22/26LE5500 and 22/26LE550N), LE5510/LE551N (excluding 22/26LE5510 and 22/26LE551N), LE5550, LE5600 (excluding Brazil), LE5700, LE5800, LE5810, LE5900, LE5910, LE7300/LE730N (excluding US models), LE7380, LE7390, LE7500/LE750N, LE7510/LE751N, LE7800, LE7810, LE7900, LE7910, LE8300, LE8500/LE850N, LE8510/LE851N, LE8600, LE8800, LE8810, LE8900, LE8910
(North American models include: LE5350, LE5400, not EU)

Year 2010 Plasma 2D TV:

PK590, PK760/PK760N, PK780, PK790, PK950/PK950N, PK960/PK960N, PK980, PK990

(North American and Australian models include PK750 and Latin American PK550)

Year 2010 LED 3D TV:
LEX8, LEX9, LX6500/LX650N, LX6800, LX6900, LX9500, LX9600, LX9800, LX9900,
Year 2010 Plasma 3D TV:

PX950/PX950N, PX960/PX960N, PX980, PX990
(North American models include: PZ540, PZ550)

Year 2011 2D LED TV:


Broadcom BCM35230


Year 2011 2D/3D LCD/LED/Plasma TV:

LV3700, LV370S, LV375S, LV5400, LV5500, LV570S, LW5500, LW5600, LW5700, LW570S, LW571S, LW573S, LW575S, LW6500, LW650S, PZ570S, PZ750S, PZ950S
(North American models include: LK530, LK550, LV5400) (more models on the list to be updated)

firmware version differs between models and countries
was in progress to support these models, but althrough firmware is almost ready there are currently no achievements

2011 BCM models use BCM35230 platform, which is similar to other ones but has more security at CFE2 bootloader (partitions encrypted signature verification) so booting custom firmware is not possible and those are currently not supported

Characteristic for Broadcom BCM35230 platform models is builtin RJ45 Ethernet socket and availability of NetCast 2.0 and SmartApp services.

MediaTek MT5369


Year 2012 2D/3D LCD/LED/Plasma TV:

LS/LM/LT series (not all) (list to be updated)

firmware version differs between models and countries

MTK platform uses new EPK file structure and has removed RS232 port, limited serial connection availability is provided with ATEN UC-232A adapter connected to first USB port (APPS).

Characteristic for MTK platform models is builtin RJ45 Ethernet socket and availability of NetCast 3.0, SmartApp services and web browser with Flash 10 compatibility.