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U-BOOT bootloader (for MStar and Saturn based models)

  • Start terminal emulation program, and connect to tv's serial console at 115200 baudrate.
  • Keep hitting the 'ESC' key (or you may try 'ENTER' instead) while powering on the tv pressing 'POWER' button on remote control until you see a "mstar #" or "saturn7 #" shell prompt (this is the u-boot bootloader shell).
  • Hit enter to clear the former keypresses. You will maybe get an error about it, just ignore.

Changing eDebugMode on Saturn 6

eDebugMode could have following values:




to change it:

  • Switch on TV
  • Start terminal emulation program and connect to TV's serial console at 115200 baudrate.
  • Enter debug menu.
  • Type sh & press Enter.

At lgsw# prompt:

1 Type cd /mnt/lg/models
2 Type vi RELEASE.cfg & press Enter.
3 Move down to eDebugMode,EVENT.
4 Press l-button til you come to E in EVENT.
5 Now type cwRELEASE.
6 Save changes & exit vi.

Type sync & press Enter. Voila!

CFE bootloader (for Broadcom based models)


With the latest tv models (that uses broadcom chipset) LG introduced a new bootloader namely CFE (common firmware environment). It was originally designed by broadcom itself (see for original sources) and then modified by LG for their requirements. The following documentation is also included in the original source package that is available at broadcom site:

Enter CFE shell

You can enter the tv's CFE bootloader shell with the following procedure:

  • check / modify the Debug status option in IN_START service menu.
  • standby tv
  • serial connect to tv with this connection parameters: 115200, 8N1
  • press and hold the ` key (ascii code = 0x60) (or CTRL+C in some Brazilian 2009 models) on serial console
  • power on tv via remote control

After that you should see the CFE prompt.

First connection prompt

On first connection to CFE (when you've got TV connected using Ethernet cable) you will be prompted with simmilar output:

100 MB Full-Duplex (auto-neg)                                                                                              
You should set IP address tru nset command!
>>Input '-' to remove value<<
       netDev : eth0
       - NET_SIPADDR Address :             no => 
       - NET_TIPADDR Address :             no => 
       -  NET_IPADDR Address :             no => 
       - NET_NETMASK Address :             no => 
       - NET_GATEWAY Address :             no => 
[13237] Skip delay. LVDS data out ~ Inv On (more 12214)
ursa3 324f: 11
ursa3 3250: 22
ursa3 3252: 33
ursa3 3253: 44
ursa3 3276: 55
ursa3 3277: 66
ursa3 324a: 77
ursa3 324c: 88
[13300] turn on INV 0
[13288] INV On
[13305] BootSplash End
[13310] turn off Nand WP 0
bcm35xx >

It stops on every "no =>" message. CFE asks here for network setup by user:

NET_SIPADDR Address <- NFS server IP address - choose yours PC address here as it might be useful later
NET_TIPADDR Address <- TFTP server IP address - as above
NET_IPADDR Address  <- TV IP address
NET_NETMASK Address <- Network Mask
NET_GATEWAY Address <- Gateway - choose yours router IP address

You wont be asked about these values on next connections but you'll get:

bcm35xx >

prompt instead.

Shell commands

bcm35xx > help                                                                                                          
Available commands:                                                                                                     
uncecc              nand uncorrectable ecc check util in mtdutils                                                       
checkecc            nand ecc check util in mtdutils                                                                     
bitflip             nand bitflip check util in mtdutils                                                                 
nandwrite           nandwrite in mtdutils                                                                               
nanddump            nanddump in mtdutils                                                                                
eraseall            eraseall in mtdutils                                                                                
swu                 update all pak files                                                                                
nvmdbg              eeprom test progrm                                                                                  
reboot              BCM system Reboot                                                                                   
reset               BCM system Reboot                                                                                   
lgifcfg             LG ifconfig                                                                                         
misc                misc. test function                                                                                 
pboot               LG cp2ram Function                                                                                  
cp2ram              LG cp2ram Function                                                                                  
load                LG load Function                                                                                    
mtdinfo             LG Flash MTD Info Function                                                                          
nand                LG Nand Flash Function                                                                              
bbm                 LG Nand Flash Bad Block Management                                                                  
usbpwr              USB Power Mode setting                                                                              
locktime            Lock Detect Time Setting                                                                            
panictime           Panic Time Setting                                                                                  
usrinit             User Init Call On/Off                                                                               
ethnum              Ethernet port select                                                                                
lpj                 Set loops per jiffy[lpj]                                                                            
splash              Splash On/Off                                                                                       
dhcp                DHCP Mode On/Off                                                                                    
print               Kernel and application print on /off flag                                                           
auto                LG Program Auto boot command                                                                        
nfs                 Set / Get NFS path                                                                                  
memsz               Set App. memory Size                                                                                
ver                 show boot version                                                                                   
nnset               System Network Default Setting                                                                      
nset                System Network Setting                                                                              
flwr                CFE Flash write                                                                                     
remhist             remove Down List                                                                                    
ls                  Down Load List display                                                                              
sto                 LG Style Boot                                                                                       
boot                LG Style Boot                                                                                       
info                Show CFE configuration information                                                                  
loop                Loop a command                                                                                      
mac                 Program MAC addresses.                                                                              
macprog             Program MAC addresses.                                                                              
macprog2            Program a specific MAC address.                                                                     
flash               Update a flash memory device                                                                        
memtest             Test memory.                                                                                        
f                   Fill contents of memory.                                                                            
e                   Modify contents of memory.                                                                          
d                   Dump memory.                                                                                        
u                   Disassemble instructions.                                                                           
batch               Load a batch file into memory and execute it                                                        
go                  Start a previously loaded program.                                                                  
orgload             Load an executable file into memory without executing it                                            
save                Save a region of memory to a remote file via TFTP                                                   
orgboot             Load an executable file into memory and execute it                                                  
ping                Ping a remote IP host.                                                                              
ifconfig            Configure the Ethernet interface                                                                    
sleep               Sleep for specified milliseconds.                                                                   
waitusb             Wait for USB device to be installed.                                                                
show heap           Display information about CFE's heap                                                                
show memory         Display the system physical memory map.                                                             
show devices        Display information about the installed devices.                                                    
unsetenv            Delete an environment variable.                                                                     
printenv            Display the environment variables                                                                   
setenv              Set an environment variable.                                                                        
help                Obtain help for CFE commands

This document can help to understand some of the common CFE command's and it's argument's

Switch to backup partitions

In case something went wrong with a firmware update and tv is not booting anymore it may be possible to switch back to the backup firmware that is stored in tv manually. This can be done by using the 'mtdinfo' command:

bcm35xx > mtdinfo
load mtdinfo ......
load_mtdinfo magic =20091110
MTD Partition Information ----------------------------------
[00] "boot"              : 0x00000000-0x000c0000 (0x000c0000) FM__ : boot.bin(0x54e24) - 1 : (U/V)
[01] "mtdinfo"           : 0x000c0000-0x00100000 (0x00040000) FM__ : MTD.INFO(0x15f0) - 50598657 : (U/V)
[02] "crc32info"         : 0x00100000-0x00140000 (0x00040000) FM__ : CRC32.INFO(0x100) - 50598657 : (U/V)
[03] "rootfs"            : 0x00140000-0x00440000 (0x00300000) _M__ : rootfs.squashfs(0x19a000) - 1 : (U/V)
[09] "lgapp"             : 0x0ef80000-0x0ff80000 (0x01000000) ____ : lgapp.lzo(0x8a9960) - 52433409 : (U/V)
[29] "lgapp"             : 0x00840000-0x01840000 (0x01000000) _M__ : lgapp.lzo(0x98b4eb) - 50598657 : (u/V)
A.      Add    flash partition
E.      Edit   flash partition
R.      Remove flash partition
W.      sWap   flash partition
D.      Default
L.      Load
S.      Save
Q.      Exit

You may notice that some of the partitions are named equal ('lgapp' in this example). These ones are backed up while firmware upgrade. So by swapping them with the 'W. sWap flash partition' command you can restore the firmware version before the last (unsuccessful) update. After swapping all doubled partitition pairs you must do 'Save' and 'Exit' and then reboot tv.

Boot Logging

With shell command 'print on' it's possible to activate excessive logging while boot loader stage and kernel startup. Here is an example log from an PK950: Broadcom model boot log