CIFS shares from Windows 7 on OpenLGTV BCM

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Instruction by mihaifireball

OpenLGTV BCM firmware allows TV to access files directly from Windows OS PCs by using module cifs.ko by mounting Windows shares to NetShare folder located on the USB stick plugged in TV.

In order to access Windows shares from TV you have to follow these steps:

  1. Create a password (if it doesn’t already exist) for your user on the PC.
  2. Enable “Turn on file and printer sharing” by accessing “Change advanced sharing settings” from “Network and Sharing Center”.
  3. Share the folder that you access from TV.
  4. Check that your windows user has the right to access this shared folder by checking “Group or user names” from Properties -> Security tab of this folder.
  5. Access “Network Share Mounts” from OpenLGTV NetCast widget on your TV.
  6. Complete the URL form with: //your_computer_ip/shared_folder. (For example if I want to access shared folder “movies” from my PC which has IP, I will complete the URL form with: //
  7. Complete the Username and Password forms with username and password from your PC.
  8. Select the Network Protocol to be CIFS.
  9. If you want this folder to be mounted automatically at every startup of TV, you can check the AutoMount option. (This option implies that your PC should be started every time you power up the TV in order to access the shared folder).
  10. Save these settings. (By pressing the yellow button from your remote control).
  11. Press the Mount button. If everything is ok, your Mount button will become Unmount. If something goes wrong, you will get an error message and you will have to check the logs in order to fix the problem.
  12. Open the shared folder from TV by accessing MENU -> MY MEDIA -> Movie List -> NetShare.
  13. Enjoy!

In case of error see logs here: /var/log/OpenLGTV_BCM.log (through filemanager).

In case of "cannot allocate memory" error the problem is on PC side, not on TV: probably "Everyone" user not added to shared folder (In both Shared and Security property tabs)

DO NOT use spaces in names.