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This article explains the redirection of an Netcast browser based app to another website that implements a rudimentary inline webbrower. All info is for firmware version >= 03.20

Required knowledge

Example of NetCast-enabled website

This Netcast enabled website implements an inline webrowser. You may redirect an existing Netcast browser app to it.

Build your own video player

If you are looking for source examples of a video player this one is pretty clean

Just create a folder named e.g. "player" and save the source in a php-file.

Change the data-parameter in this line via php to your url (relative urls are OK, e.g. "../videos/csi.avi")

<object type="application/x-netcast-av" data="" subtitle="" width="1280" height="720" id="video" name="video"  onclick="showControls();" onmousedown="showControls();" onmousemove="showControls();">

Also download all images from (find them in the source) and change all the urls in the php and css -files