Enable additional Netcast services

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This article describes how additional Netcast services can be enabled on Broadcom based tv models.

Required Knowledge

  • You have to know something about Netcast internals
  • You should read the Partition Editing article carefully before you proceed. It explains partition backup, unpacking and flashing. All that is needed to do the job.


  • make a copy of 'browser_application.txt' and 'config.xml' and maybe 'run3556' (browser starting script) to any mounted writable partition (/mnt/user/ for example) - do it on TV via busybox shell on rs232
  • edit the files as you like, so you may enable additional netcast apps from other countries by uncommenting/configure it in both configuration files accordingly
  • then unpack the backups of mtd15 (addon) and mtd18 (browser) partitions on PC
  • remove or just change the name of browser_application.txt and config.xml on these unpacked partition dumps
  • after removing the files make links to new location by for example with 'ln -sf /mnt/user/browser_application.txt'
  • then pack them with 'mksquashfs' 4.0 (most recent Linux distributions have the right version now)
  • flash modified partitions back to tv
  • reboot