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It's possible to enable detailed debug logging for almost all functional aspects of the tv's firmware. This can be useful when analyzing some internal RELEASE behaviour especially in conjuntion with a disassembly of it (see Reverse Engineering Hints for details).

Be careful when enabling debug logging. The settings are stored permanently in NVRAM so when enabling too much logging your tv may become VERY slow and unresponsive. In this case, to return to the default logging behavior:

in CFE shell run 'print off'
in U-boot shell 'silent all'
in Saturn7 TV - press "F10" to enter "debugMain"

Required Knowledge


  • type in bootloader shell:
    • U-boot: 'silent nothing'
    • CFE: 'print on'
  • enter the Debug mode menu's print mask submenu
************** Debug Print Mask Menu ***************                                                                                                                   
   0x01 :  Set [UART PRINT  :  ENABLE]                                                                                                                                
   0x02 :  Set [API_ERROR   :  ENABLE]                                                                                                                                
   0x03 :  Enable  all module print mask                                                                                                                              
   0x04 :  Disable all module print mask                                                                                                                              
   0x09 :  Set [Module Print: DISABLE]                                                                                                                                
   0x10 :  Set Mask [UI1    :  ENABLE]                                                                                                                                
   0x11 :  Set Mask [UI2    :  ENABLE]                                                                                                                                
   0x12 :  Set Mask [MW1    :  ENABLE]                                                                                                                                
   0x13 :  Set Mask [MW2    : DISABLE]                                                                                                                                
   0x14 :  Set Mask [MW3    : DISABLE]                                                                                                                                
   0x15 :  Set Mask [MW4    : DISABLE]                                                                                                                                
   0x16 :  Set Mask [DRV1   : DISABLE]                                                                                                                                
   0x17 :  Set Mask [DRV2   : DISABLE]                                                                                                                                
   0xFF :  Exit from this menu                                                                                                                                        
  • enable first two options ('UART_PRINT' and 'API_ERROR')
  • enable desired logging aspects by editing print mask via other sub options (UI1, UI2, MW1, MW2, MW3, MW4, DRV1, DRV2)
  • exit whole debug mode menu to activate the settings