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LG tv's have some hidden features distinguished for service staff only. See how to Access hidden service menus / modes.

Installation menu

Installation menu

To enter Installation menu from the remote control, you need:

  • Choose any TV channel (it might not work if other input is selected)
  • Press and hold MENU button on the remote control until TV's menu appears, disappears and channel info appears.
  • Quickly release MENU button, enter 1105 and press OK.

If your remote control has no MENU button, use HOME button instead.

If you have 2012 model and procedure above doesn't work then you'll need to:

  • Enter InStart Service Menu
  • Press Settings button (on 2015 models it's the blue button with four dots).

In the installation menu, you can change the following parameters:

  • LG Hotel mode setup (setting restrictions for hotels)
  • TV Link-Loader (load/save configuration (TLL file) from/to USB drive)
  • Password Change (reset forgotten parental PIN)
  • Set ID Setup


EZ Adjust menu

Simplified In_Start menu.


IN Start menu‎


Power only mode

To enter Power_Only mode, use the service remote control code.

In Power_Only mode, the screen will go to a white screen saver.

To exit Power_Only mode, press "Back," change Input and Power Off/On.

Note: When Power_Only mode has been used the service mode password is disabled and the energy saving button code changes to the debug sensor service remote code.

IN_STOP procedure

The IN_STOP procedure is something like a factory default reset. It differs from normal factory reset in tv main menu but the exact meaning of it is currently unknown.