How to install and troubleshoot LGMOD

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You need:

1. USB drive formatted in FAT16/FAT32

2. USB2.0 hub with at least two USB ports (optional). It only needed if you want to use network connectivity. Make sure it is USB2.0, otherwise throughput will be very slow.

3. USB2.0 to Ethernet network adapter (optional). Make sure it is USB2.0 otherwise throughput will be very slow. It's advisable to use Asix chipset adapter. You can check if adapter is supported here: LGMOD supported USB to ethernet adapters)

If you do not have DHCP servers on your network or want a static IP then create a file called "network" in the root folder of the USB drive. It's content should be: IP NetMask DefaultGateway for example:

Create the following directories on the root of the USB drive, these are used as the virtual mount points from your TV to the service/device (if you do not intend to use that feature then you do not need to create the directory):






Copy the LGMODversion.epk to the LG_DTV directory. Download latest version from (register at the forum first). You can always find the current lgmod version at the forum here:

Connect the USB hub to the USB port on the TV with the USB stick inserted and the USB to Network Adapter

If the TV does not auto load the firmware update menu, press Menu on the remote, highlight but do not enter Options, and press 7 times FAV on the remote and follow the on screen instructions to apply the epk file.

You should now be able to go to http://IP_address_of_tv if it is all working and log in with the default username: admin and password: lgadmin


To reset the configuration of LGMOD:

Create a file "lgmod_reset_config" no extension, lower case in root of USB drive insert USB drive into the TV, turn off TV then turn back on again. That procedure resets all LGMOD configs to default.

Alternatively rm -rf /mnt/lg/user/lgmod from the shell

If you cannot get network connectivity:

1. Download and unpack to the root folder of the USB drive. And connect the drive to TV.

2. Switch TV off and on by remote control.

3. Wait some time until USB drive LED activity stop. Or wait about 10 minutes.

4. Disconnect USB drive and connect it to PC and take a look at the lgmod.log file.