How to patch RELEASE and add functionalities on your TV

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We can start patch RELEASE !!

1. Backup you firmware lgapp mtd partition, see there : How to backup TV firmware

You will get file 08_lgapp between others.

2. uncompress this with lzo tools on my site (linux executable and source code) (not standard lzo, modified by LG), see there :

WARNING! Broken link!! WARNING!!

  1. ./lzopack -d 08_lgapp 08_lgapp_cramfs

3. You then have the cramfs image (08_lgapp_cramfs), this is the filesystem containing RELEASE (the main application managing the TV and user interface) some explaination :

RELEASE is XIP, so it is uncompressed into the CRAMFS image (08_lgapp_cramfs) and must be aligned on PAGE_SIZE kernel block to be directly mappable into memory, kernel page size is 4096, thus RELEASE being the first file into cramfs image starts at offset 4096 (0x1000) of file 08_lgapp_cramfs.

As an example I changed the country table content for FR and added DVB-C automatic scan wizard (setting country feature table bit 18 to 1 for FR). I now have the same menu asking antenna or cable when performing automatic scan like for sweden/Finland/___ countries. See excellent job by jenya on country table here : Country feature table investigation

4. Recompress the moded cramfs fs

  1. ./lzopack -9 08_lgapp_cramfs_patched 08_lgapp_patched

5. And flash this with u-boot (or make an epk if you want to, 7Mo+ at 115Ko is long...) saturn6#loadz lgapp

And voila !