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This article applies to LG LF/LG/LH tv with USB service port. There are several ways to enter the EZ_ADJUST menu thats needed here. See how to Access hidden service menus / modes first.

Notes: using this method you will not void your warranty as you're not going to flash any firmware, you'll be using the same infrared impulses that the LG 105-201M service remote controller sends your device to open the EZ Adjust / IN-Start menu used by LG technicians; just make sure you don't change anything beyond the EMF and DivX settings or your chances to brick your set get instantly higher.

Disclaimer: am I a LG technician? No, I'm not. Am I responsible for the damage you could cause to your set? No, I'm not. Am I telling you this is a surefire way to get your DivX playback no matter what? No, I'm not. This is what I'm telling you: this way is safer than reflashing your firmware and it's not going to void your warranty since you can rollback your changes if you need to. Also, it's the only way to enable DivX playback onto newer models shipping with firmware revisions v3.47 and v3.48. Anything else on this sets will brick it.


  1. enter EZ-ADJUST service mode first. See how to Access hidden service menus / modes
  2. select Tool Option3
  3. set EMF to 1 and DivX to HD. Don't modify anything else or you will brick your tv.
  4. exit the menu, turn off your tv, locate the usb port on the rear panel and connect an USB drive or hard disk
  5. turn on the tv and enter the menu, select USB if your device isn't recognized automagically or
  6. select movie list
  7. use the integrated media browser to navigate your drive and choose your file
  8. watch the movie
  9. when done, exit the browser and open the quick menu to remove your usb device before disconnecting it or turning off the tv. This has to be done to prevent data loss on your drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I enable Bluetooth, IntelliSense or THX mode?
    It'd be better if you didn't; if your TV doesn't support neither Bluetooth nor IntelliSense, you risk bricking the set. THX mode is just a locked Cinema video profile, THX Cinema, that is.
  • I can't switch profiles while watching a movie, and if I open the menu the media player closes.
    Use the quick profile button on your remote to cycle thru the Media Player profiles. Note that they're slightly different from the regular ones, I've got the best results with Cinema Minimum Power Managment for darker movies (backlight 74%), Cinema no power managment for brighter movies (backlight 47%).
  • Some files show up as 0:00:00
    The file is either damaged or encoded in a way that the media player can't recognize it. This usually happens with high reference frames x264 movies or broken avi containers. Updating the firmware could solve this, adding more multimedia support.
  • Some movies play mute and "Unsupported audio" comes up
    The media player doesn't support DTS audio. Please refer to this guide and tool or the internet on how to convert DTS audio into AC3.
  • How can I switch audio/subtitle languages?
    Press the RED button on your remote.
  • What kind of USB drives can be used?
    Basically, any USB 2.0 drive will do the job. 1.0 or 1.1 drives won't cut it, since the data rate is too low and you would suffer from frameskips and jittering. I'm fine using a puny 9MB/s 4GB USB 2.0 drive for stuff up to 720p, and an USB hard drive (26-30MB/s) for 1080p stuff. TV limit is 20Mbits of video bitrate anyway, that translates to 2.5MB/s - so basically anything will do.
  • My TV doesn't recognize the drive
    Make sure it's formatted as FAT32 (to use the Delete function in the media browser) or NTFS. Make also sure you're using an external power source if it's a large hard drive.
  • When I press the button to open the EZ Adjust menu, nothing happens.
    Make sure you're keeping it pressed and move your phone away from the IR receiver a bit. Also try entering the settings menu in IrRemote and change the transmission method.