LH/LG series USB video player activation

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To activate USB video player on LF/LG/LH (Saturn 6) LCD TV you need:

1. USB drive formatted in FAT16/FAT32. Drive should be write enabled (remove locks if present).

2. If your current firmware version is lower than 3.75 and you already have LGMOD installed, you need to remove previous patches. For doing this: create empty patch.sh in the root folder of the USB drive. Connect USB drive to the TV and power TV off and on from the remote. Check USB drive for the file patch.sh_used and delete this file. Do this step only if you installed LGMOD earlier.

3. Create folder LG_DTV in the root folder of the USB drive from step 1.

4. Install firmware 3.75. Download and unpack firmware EPK file to the LG_DTV folder of the USB drive from here http://openlgtv.org.ru/wiki/index.php/Firmware_versions_history_(Saturn_6_models)#v._3.75

5. Power TV off and on from the remote and install firmware (TV will ask you to upgrade after a few seconds).

6. In the root folder of the USB drive, create simple text file patch.sh with the following content:

devmem 0x7101CE0 32 0x34420001
devmem 0x7101CE4 32 0x34840003

7. Install latest LGMOD version. Put lgmod*.epk to LG_DTV folder and install it. http://openlgtv.org.ru/wiki/index.php/LGMOD#Binaries

After installing LGMOD, TV will restart. Connect USB drive to the PC and check USB drive for patch.sh_used in the root folder. If the file exists, everything went well and you should have Divx enabled. If you got patch.sh_used and still have no Divx enabled, just power off/on TV from remote.

If you cannot get patch.sh_used, check the file extention of the patch.sh with Total Commander or similar file manager. Notepad for Windows adds .txt to the file extention and creates patch.sh.txt instead of patch.sh !!!