Troubleshoot Wireless Ready

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This article is intended to provide some help while troubleshooting wireless ready using the AN WL100 dongle on the xxLE5500 series, possibly other broadcom chipset devices. Also provides a simple easy way to access the LG Service Menus.

These procedure is a combination / compilation of others in this wiki and other related resources on the web. In particular [[1]]


  • Each device (TV, wireless media kit) has its own region code so if you bought some equipment in one region (i.e. the TV set) and the other in another region (i.e. the wireless media kit) they won't "see" each other regardless of the distance and signal strength


  • Wireless media kit wireless led blinks and never establishes connection at a very close distance

Required Knowledge

  • Fair knowlege of Debug mode connection
  • Region or country of both, the TV set and the Wireless Media Kit


  1. Enter Debug mode as described in Debug_mode_connection#Common procedure
  2. Enter UI Test Menu as described in Debug_mode_connection#Available modes (i.e. Press u)
  3. Press "L" key
  4. Now a password prompt should appear on the TV Set
  5. Enter 0413 as password and continue
  6. Now you should be in EZ Adjust Menu
  7. Go to menu number 5: Country Group
  8. Set the TV country to match the wireless media kit
  9. TV should reset automatically and you are done