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How to enable USB hub on Saturn 7 and Broadcom TVs

Tested on: LG 32LD465 (Saturn 7) with firmware version 3.03.11

The problem

A lot of TVs have one external USB port. If you want to connect more than one device (USB drive together with USB to Ethernet adapter for example), then you need to connect all devices by using an USB hub.

But by default, USB hub support is disabled in EZ-ADJUST menu and you need to enable it.

The solution

Follow the steps below to enable it:

1. Go to the "EZ-ADJUST" service menu via IR hack or debug mode (serial cable)

2. In "Tool Option2" sub-menu, find "USB Count" (down) and set value to "2" or higher.

4. In "Tool Option5" sub-menu, find "USB Hub Count" and set value to "1" or higher.

Note: TV's firware currently, supports only two USB drives plugged to first two USB hub ports at the same time. If your USB hub have more ports (usually, 4 or more), then you have to connect USB drive to every port, one by one, until it is recognized and accepted by media player.

The result (proof)

LG with USB hub (Saturn 7) - most simple (stupid) devices on the market: USB hub with flash drive, card reader and usb to ethernet adapter DM9601

Edit: This USB ethernet adapter did not make it - it does not work nice, so I had to replace it. Read in wiki about recommended adapters. About USB hub, you could consider active USB hub (with power supply, for example, if you want to attach USB HDD) 101 7482-LG32LD465 usb-hub.JPG

Media player - select device 101 7471-LG32LD465 usb-hub-select.JPG

Quick menu - eject 101 7472-LG32LD465 usb-hub-eject.JPG