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General information about WIFI support

Broadcom platform based LG TV models are announced as 'WIFI Ready'.

That means you can plug LG AN-WF100 adapter to one of the (mostly two) USB ports for Wifi connection instead of builtin Ethernet RJ-45 socket for NetCast services access and network firmware upgrades.

WARNING: LG makes confusion with 'Wireless Ready' information - that's different thing than 'WIFI Ready'.

'Wireless Ready' longer name is 'Wireless AV Link Ready', which is the different socket named 'Wireless Control' to plug adapter for LG AN-WL100W Wireless Media Kit.

This Wireless Media Kit is used to transmit wireless HDMI signal and has nothing to do with WIFI or other wireless networking.

Here's the related article for it: Troubleshoot Wireless Ready

There are many Saturn 7 based models announced as 'Wireless Ready' but none of the known S7 (2010 or 2011) models support any WIFI dongles at all.

WIFI dongles are supported by Broadcom based TV models only (the ones that have Ethernet socket and support NetCast/SmartApps). Other platforms (Saturn 6 and 7) are only possible to use WIFI dongles with alternative firmwares.

Security Warning: when dongle is connected to TV but not configured, TV tries to connect to any open WIFI network in range. The problem remains even with latest firmwares for SmartTV models.


LG official AN-WF100 adapter has BCM4323 chip with VendorID: 0x043E and ProductID: 0x3001.

Here's the possible list of alternatives using the same chip, which might work (probably not all of them have been tested yet):

   AmTRAN WU260-AM
   Arcadyan WN8522B
   Arcadyan WN8522B 1
   Arcadyan WN8522B 3
   Arcadyan WN8522B 4
   AzureWave AW-NU231
   Belkin F6D6050
   Belkin F7D4101
   Belkin F9L1101
   CyberTAN WU260-A1-AM
   LG AN-WF100
   LG WN8522D1
   LG WN8522D2
   Linksys AE2500
   Netgear WNDA3100v2
   Panasonic DY-WL10
   Roku HD XR Wireless Module
   Sony WU600-TS
   Toshiba WLM-10UB1
   Wistron NeWeb DNUB-B1

Some of them are used with TVs of other vendors in simmilar way - to access other networking services.

Other WIFI dongles (based on different chips) are not supported at all. Maybe with alternative firmwares there will be support for more dongles.

WARNING: LG is now limiting list of dongles supported by driver and some dongles from this list don't work - check if it works before you'll buy such dongle.

Saturn 7

There are some experiments with WIFI support for Saturn 7 based TV's in the LGMOD project. Wireless LAN support is in the stock kernel, and some devices are supported by LGMOD.

Ralink Rt2x00 based devices
Ralink Rt2500 based devices
Ralink Rt73 based devices
ZyDAS ZD1211 based devices 

Further models are not supported at this time. Most of it needs custom kernel or compat-wireless, and there are successfully attempts in this direction.

Saturn 6

There are no Wireless LAN support by the kernel. It could be done by custom kernels, but so far there are no attempts in this direction.