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Welcome to OpenLGTV Project

OpenLGTV is a non-commercial project for legal reverse engineering and research on LG Television firmware which is partially Open Source. We make these modifications for ourselves but you are welcome to join us.

Friends, if you have an additional information that is missing on the site, please spend a few minutes and contribute. Sign up and accelerate our research!

       You can find many interesting articles there.

       Discuss any issues related to LG tv's.

       Web access to the SVN repository ( WebSVN is temporarily unavailable.

       Chat with members of the project. (IRC: #openlgtv @
       Usually available on weekdays from 6am until 10pm GMT
       If you're going to ask something, then simply ask (with detailed description of problem).
       Don't ask questions like 'is anyone here?', 'will anybody help me?' and don't wait for answers on 'hi'.

LG LH3000 LCD TV]]