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Welcome to OpenLGTV Wiki
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First of all, do:

Depending on your TV:

  • Install Custom Firmware
  • Activate USB port

WARNING! Everything here applies ONLY to European LG TV models (unless otherwise is stated explicitly)! Do not try to flash firmware into North American/Asian/South American LG TV models - you will brick your TV! If you plan any modding now or in the future, do not update your TV yet, especially Broadcom platform based (with Ethernet and Netcast), even if using Netcast forces you to update! The newest firmwares bring more problems and close many modding paths! So always backup current firmware first before applying any official LG update!

How to connect to TV

Service menus / modes

LG USB Port Hack

There are several ways to activate the player. For owners of the LH/LG, and PK/PJ based on Saturn 6, the easiest way is:

Other ways:

Enabling support for multiple media:

  • USB Hub - How to enable USB hub support in Saturn 7 and Broadcom based TVs

Useful Articles

Custom firmwares

Firmware customization

Research & Development

Firmware file format

Platform specific articles

GPL and LGPL violations by LG

LG sites


Other resources

  • IRC:
    1. openlgtv @
    2. openlgtv-sv @ | Swedish Community for OpenLGTV.